About JJ Bail Bonds

Seeking bail bonds in North Carolina? We’ve got you covered at JJ Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC! We are a team of bondsmen with years of experience in the bail industry who are here to serve you. Our office is open 24/7 for all your bail needs, so no matter when you are arrested, we can take your call! Remember, as long as you can afford 4% of the overall bail amount, we can get you out of jail. Call us at 919-795-4081 today if you or your loved one needs a professional bondsman!

Our Services

We provide bail bonds in Raleigh for both misdemeanor and felony charges. The state of North Carolina classifies crimes by the severity of their punishments. In general, the state sees misdemeanors as less severe crimes than felonies. North Carolina law defines misdemeanors as crimes with a maximum penalty of a year in jail and fines. On the other hand, a felony is a crime with a minimum penalty of a year in prison (not jail). At JJ Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC, we provide bail bonds for both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Why Do My Charges Matter?

The amount of your bail depends on a couple of different things. For one, whether your charge is a misdemeanor or a felony affects your bail amount. You will owe more for bail the more serious your crime is. Your crime record also plays a significant role in your bail amount. A judge may set a higher bail if you’re arrested and charged with the same crime more than once.

In rare cases, if your charge is severe — such as murder or manslaughter — a judge may deny you any bail at all. This is what makes your charges so important when it comes to bail. Ultimately, they will be the deciding factor in how much you have to pay to get out of jail.

Our Service Area

Whether you are in a county or a city jail, we can get you out on bail. We are proud to serve the cities in Wake County, NC. If you need bail bonds in the state of North Carolina, you can count on JJ Bail Bonds in Raleigh, NC! Don’t forget we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Plus, you only need to have 4% of the overall bail amount to qualify for a bond! Call us at 919-795-4081 today to speak to a professional bondsman!