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JJ Bail Bonds is your local bail bondsman for Wendell, NC. We can get you out of jail fast! We accept just 4% down and allow easy payment plans. Call us today and learn why JJ Bail Bonds in Wendell, NC is #1 for service and customer happiness.

Why Choose JJ Bail Bonds in Wendell, NC?

Fast Bail Bonds

We get you out fast! Once your bond is funded we act immediately to secure your release.

Friendly Service

We know you’re in a tough spot. Our team empathizes with all of our clients.

Low Prices

We offer one of the lowest initial bond payments: Just 4% gets you out of jail!

Wendell Bail Bonds - 4% Down!

JJ Bail Bonds Wendell, NC will work diligently to secure your release. If you have a warrant, call us before court and we’ll post bond immediately. Our team is at your service for bail bonds Wendell, NC!

About the Wendell, NC Bail Bonds Process

What to Expect During the Bail Process

The bail process is easy enough to understand; at least at a layperson’s level of necessary understanding. First comes the arrest and booking process where the individual is detained and processed. Next, a bail amount is set by a judge (usually within 48 hours of arrest). Once bail is set, you are free to post bail on your own (which is usually nearly impossible) or to contact a bail bondsman to post bail for you. If you have further questions about the bail bonds process or our services in general, click HERE

What Does a Bail Bonds Company Actually Do?

A bail bonds company in Wendell posts the entire amount of your set bail in exchange for a small fee and sometimes collateral. This makes it affordable for most to be able to post bail and prepare for their trial in the comfort of their own home. Knowing what to expect during the bail process can provide peace of mind. Peace of mind, in turn, can help you make more rational and wise decisions regarding your current legal situation. In many cases we see innocent defendants accept plea bargains just to be released from jail. Bail bonds will allow you to remain at home while you fight your case.

Why Hire JJ Bail Bonds?

Our bail bonds company provides bail bonds to individuals who cannot afford to post bail on their own. We offer highly competitive rates and with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. The bail bonds services we offer are fast, confidential and affordable. Our bondsmen know the process inside and out and are always standing by to get you home to your loved ones. So if you or your loved one is behind bars at the Wake County Jail or the Durham Detention Facility and they need help with a bail bond, then think of us here at JJ Bail Bonds in Wendell first.

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