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If you’ve ever been arrested, then you know the amount of bail set for a typical arrest is fairly high. Not everyone can pay the full amount upfront. Luckily, bail bonds provide an affordable alternative to paying the lump sum of bail. As long as you can afford 4% of your overall bail amount, we can get you out of jail! Seeking bail bonds in North Carolina? JJ Bail Bonds is here for you. You are in good hands so long as you contact our office for bail bonds anywhere in our service area. No matter when you call, be it 2 am or 2 pm, an expert bondsman in Raleigh, NC can take your call and bail you out of jail!

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What We Do

If you have an existing warrant for your arrest, be sure to call us! Our bondsmen can arrange for your release before you even surrender yourself to the jail! After you’re fully booked into jail, we can immediately bail you out. If you surrender yourself to law enforcement without first calling us, we can still help you. However, it will take much longer for us to be able to get you out of jail due to processing.

We provide bail bonds for both misdemeanor and felony crimes. Whether you have DWI or burglary charges, we are here to get you out of jail! The severity of your crime not only matters in the eyes of the law, but also in the amount of your bail. Your bail will depend on both your prior record and your particular charges. Repeat offenders for the same crime often will see a higher bail than first-time offenders. Since misdemeanors carry lighter penalties than felonies, the bail amount is usually less for misdemeanors. You or your family members are free to contact us if you have questions about the bail process in North Carolina.

Where We Serve

Our business is proud to serve Wake County, NC with the best and fastest bail bonds in the area. Regardless of whether you’re in a county jail or city jail, we can help you out as long as you’re eligible for bail!

When you call our office, you will find nothing but the most professional and courteous services available. Call us at 919-795-4081 and a bondsman in Raleigh, NC will help you get out of jail with our fast bail bonds!