Burglary Bondsman

Not only does an arrest put a stressor on the defendant accused of committing a crime, it also puts a strain on their entire family. They are not able to work to pay bills and provide the support their household needs. Needless to say, if you are in jail, you need to get out fast! We at JJ Bail Bonds have a solution. If you or your loved one is arrested on burglary charges, contact our Raleigh, NC burglary bondsman at 919-795-4081! You can also drop by our office, which is less than 10 minutes away from the Wake County Detention Center. We only require 4% of the entire bail amount to get you out of jail. From there, we can set up a payment plan for you to pay off the rest. We provide professional and fast 24/7 services with our bail bonds — call us today to get started!

Burglary in North Carolina

Burglary is defined as trespass with the intent to commit a crime. The punishment for burglary in the state of North Carolina depends on the seriousness of the crime itself — but it is always a felony. Our Raleigh, NC burglary bondsman knows the North Carolina legal system well! Typically, the punishment for burglary increases if the defendant has a weapon or hurts someone in the midst of the crime.

First-degree burglary has a sentence of life imprisonment. It requires there to be injury to a person other than an accomplice or the presence of a weapon. This charge also requires the setting of the crime to be a home, apartment or other place where people live. Second-degree burglary, however, has a maximum punishment of 15 years in prison. Unlike first-degree burglary, this charge covers burglary in non-residential and residential buildings. Finally, third-degree burglary charge has a punishment of up to five years in prison for a first offense or 10 years for a second offense. This charge covers any other circumstances that first- and second-degree burglary don’t.

Your Local Burglary Bondsman

If police arrest you on a burglary charge, know your rights. As long as you are eligible for bail, our burglary bondsman in Raleigh, NC can get you out of jail! Our experts know the laws in North Carolina and can make sure you know all about the bail process to help you make educated decisions. Call us at 919-795-4081 today for a consultation with our Raleigh, NC burglary bondsman.