Drug Charge Bail Bonds

Getting arrested on drug charges is not uncommon, but that doesn’t stop the experience from being unpleasant. At JJ Bail Bonds, we work to free you from jail on bail if you are unfortunate enough to suffer through an arrest. Our bondsmen are happy to offer drug charge bail bonds in Raleigh, NC and throughout Wake County. If you or your loved one needs a bail bond, call us at 919-795-4081 or drop by our office at 1201 Aversboro Rd #200h, which is less than 10 minutes away from the Wake County Detention Center!

About Drug Charges in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina classifies drug charges in six different categories, called “schedules,” with Class I being the most dangerous to Class VI being the least. Drug charges can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on a couple factors. One factor is the schedule of the drug. Another is the defendant’s prior record. Therefore, second or third offenses for misdemeanor drug crimes may become felonies, even if a first offense is a misdemeanor. Below are a few of the most common charges and their punishments.

Drug Schedules, Charges and Examples

  • Schedule I — Possession is considered a felony. Examples: Heroin and ecstasy.
  • Schedule II — First offense is a misdemeanor while second is a felony. Example: Cocaine.
  • Schedule III — First offense is a misdemeanor and the second is a felony. Example: Ketamine.
  • Schedule IV — First offense is a misdemeanor and second offense is a felony. Example: Xanax without prescription.
  • Schedule V — Misdemeanor. Example: Codeine, including over-the-counter forms.
  • Schedule VI — Misdemeanor. Example: Marijuana.

Your Local Trusted Source for Bail Bonds

If you or your loved one has been arrested on drug charges, chances are we can bail them out of jail with our bonds! All you have to do is pay 4% of the total bail amount. After that, we can set up a payment plan so you can pay off the rest! Our business is open 24/7, because we know arrests can happen at anytime. You can count on our bondsmen to provide you with non-judgmental and professional services. Call us at 919-795-4081 for our drug charge bail bonds in Raleigh, NC and Wake County!